Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So. Many. Robins.

Usually when I want a comic my shop has it, if not there are other places I can check. Not this time this one comic that I had been looking forward to for moths was out everywhere I look.  The comic? Batman the brave and the Bold number 13. Why the clamor for this particular comic well let;s take a look at the cover shall we:

That's right all the Robins. Every. Single One. well technically Dick is here as Nightwing but whatever he was robin so it counts. Of particular note my girl Stephanie Brown is here along with Carrie Kelly.

Dan Didio rewrites history we don't need you to do it Dami 
This comic lived up to all my expectations, Damian being a brat (and subtly fanboying dick), Carrie being snarky, Jason being cocky (and getting slapped down by Steph and Damian), Tim and Steph being my favs forever, and Dick being his normal BAMF self. Highly recommended to all robin fans. Oh and there was some plot about Batman dying and needing the lazarus pit or something but who cares. ALL THE ROBINS!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Something's got me posting?!!!

Lack of updates make ME sad the grand total of two that are reading this blog probably don't care that much. I've been busy playing Batman Gotham city which is so very awesome I've finished the main storyline and there is still much to do. I'll do a picspam of all the awesome comic stuff that I read. Look for some X-men stuff mostly. Unbelievably Scott Lobdell's other two books are turning out better than I could have predicted.

What's got me off my behind and posting this moment is this little sereis that I didn't give a chance because of it's title. Then I noticed people talking about it. The anime is Tiger and Bunny. Just watched the first episode and I love it.

This show is Japan's take on the superhero, something they don't usually do. (Sentai and Kamen rider are exception and not anime to boot).  Its an interesting world were Heros have corporate sponsors and heroes  rated on TV shows. I'll give a full review one I finish the season.