Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hi and welcome to my blog Geeksplorer. Lets get the obvious out of the way first I am a geek... or nerd if you prefer that term, I've long ago decided not to care about the distinction. What you can expect from this blog is me exploring my geeky side in depth. What does that mean?
Well first of all it means comics, lots and lots of comics, I'll post comic book reviews probably every week, and even recommend some trades. In addition to that you'll probably get a healthy dose of rage. When you're passionate about somethings it can get you angry as well as happy or sad. My next post will be a rant I recently posted to my facebook, I think it gives a good outlook on my mindset on some characters.

You can also expect video game talk, TV shows (mainly sci-fi but my tastes vary greatly), good ole fashioned books, and Japanese stuff such as Anime, Manga, and Tokusatsu. If things get confusing ask me I'm happy to explain.  BTW sometimes I speak in tropes but I will usually give tropes a link to

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