Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sarah Jane Smith

When I started this blog I intended to talk about all facets of my geeky side. So far I've indulged mainly in comics. and why not its a very exciting time to be a comic fan. DC rebooted their entire universe, Archie comics have introduced their first gay character, The X-men have split apart (BTW uncanny x-men was my favorite book this week), Sonic has gone back to his roots. Things are blowing up across the board in comics. My point is that comics are only one part of my geekly focus and I want to highlight All of it. So I want to take this moment to bring up Brittish Sci-Fi icon Elisabeth Sladen. 

Earlier this year we lost this truly amazing actress. She was best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith from Doctor Who. Starting in 1973 she would stay on until 1976, and from this time she would reprise her role over the decades.  With the doctor who revival in 2005 (called NewWho by fans) she returns again in the 2006 series 2 episode School Reunion. This return prompted her on Spin-off called the Sarah Jane Adventures.

 Developed for CBBC it became a favorite of new and old fans. In this series Sarah Jane gets a family. spoiling a weekly alien plot, raising her genetically engineered son, and training a new generation to take care of alien threats to earth her life blossoms. She reminds us that life on earth is an adventure too. Now the series is over, fortunately before her illness and death Miss Sladen had recorded 3 serials (for a total of 6 episodes) for Sarah Jane Smith.

So with a heavy heart I loaded up the final episodes already sad that this was the last I'd see of Sarah Jane Smith. In this season she adopts an Alien daughter, we get a great story out of my favorite character in the series Clyde, and we get a last story of her and Luke (bonus points for him learning to be a big brother).Then came the very ending:

cue tears streaming down my face. The story will go on forever Lis. Now excuse me while I go spend too much money on old Doctor who DVDs.

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