Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shock to the System

The first month of the DC relaunch is over.  I read nearly 52 new #1s this month and it was exhausting. Some of it was ok, some of it was so painful I felt like my soul became tainted and dirty. Then there were books that just made me happy to be a comic book fan during this time.  One of those books is Static Shock. Most of you who know Static Shock probably think of this:

Like I said during the first week of the DC relaunch I did not miss and episode of this cartoon. NOT ONE.  So I am very glad that they decided to include static in the relaunch. It’s true that Batwing is being an unquestionable badass:

 and Justice League International is being the best team book DC is making now; but neither of them give me the sheer joy and pleasure of Static Shock.  So far both issues of this comic book have given me everything that a new series needs to hook you:  character introduction and development, action packed scenes, likeable support characters, and lots of setup to keep readers interested.

Because of his interference in their operations the Slate gang is targeting Static. Their trump card Virule succeeds in severing Statics arm only for it to miraculously grow back. While the Slate gang gets berated for failing to take out Static, Virgil himself is trying to figure out exactly what happened with his arm.

The kid is smart coming up with a plausible theory for why it happened if not how.  My only quibble so far is at least brought up in the issue; Virgil needs a support system. Sure he has Hardware, but he doesn’t want to bother his mentor (benefactor ?). Besides hardware isn’t his friend like Frieda (or Richie from the cartoon).

So back at the Hawkins house the next big mystery rears its head (literally right out of Sharon’s mouth). Apparently for some reason Sharon has a clone (and how I missed it last issue is beyond me because now that I know it was painfully obvious.  Both Sharon’s think they are the original and hate each other and it’s all somehow Virgil’s fault (or at least he blames himself). I hope this story line continues for a while.

Being the science smarty that he is he goes to a science and math school appropriately named after Static’s Creator Dwayne G. McDuffie. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this man. Not only is he responsible for the minority owned and operated Milestone Comics. He was also wrote episodes of Teen Titans, was and editor for Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 Alien Force.  I am sure that Mr. McDuffie is looking down on this series smiling (and hoping it doesn’t turn to crap)
Overall I really am enjoying this run because it keeps Static’s character firmly intact. He is smart, heroic, 
A believable teenager

Static likes the ladies and the ladies like static.

And a hopeless science dork, seriously look at him fanboying his enemy’s tech:
So I am looking forward to every issue of this amazing comic. It is highly recommended to fans of the original comic, cartoon and to new readers alike.

I’m going to make a Side note that didn’t fit into the review proper. Joker appears in this book and I hope to all that is good in the world that Batman doesn’t show up. This is Static’s book we don’t need Batman sticking his nose in here too. He is all over the DC 52 verse. Let’s run down the list of Bat related books in the new universe:
  • Detective Comics-Stars Batman
  • Batman- Stars Batman
  • Batgirl-stars a Batman Partner
  • Batwoman- Batman INC. member (and Batman shows up)
  • Catwoman-Stars his Girlfriend whatever Catwoman is to him(who may have raped him but that’s Another rant)
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws –stars Batman’s anti-hero douchebag former partner
  • Batwing- Batman Inc. member (and Batman shows up)
  • NIghtwing- Stars Dick Grayson former Batman partner
  • Batman and Robin- Stars Batman
  • Justice League-Has Batman as a member
  • Justice League International-Batman Is a member
  • Batman: The Dark Knight-Stars Batman

That’s 12 books connected to Batman 13 if you count Teen Titans which stars another pupil of Bruce Wayne. That makes about 25% of the books. Yes Batman is awesome but you are over exposing him DC.  Here is a hint DC Batman does not poop rainbows and lollipops you have other awesome heroes let them shine on their own.

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  1. Because I missed it...they somehow didn't shoehorn Batman into Justice League Dark? I know the limited series leading up to it somehow required his help to resurrect Swamp Thing (didn't read the whole thing - Keanu Reeves has forever ruined John Constantine for me) and it has Zatanna in it. I guess DC couldn't find some way to give Bruce powers to join the squad and still keep the crux of Batman. Hell, even the Jonah Hex book takes place in Gotham.

    As much as I like "Static Shock" (and, yes, I did squee at seeing what school Virgil attends), I'm REALLY enjoying "Batwing." I believe in David. And Kia coming out of nowhere with reinforcements just as Massacre stabbed David with that machete...AWESOME. Too bad Massacre beat her unconscious and killed everyone else.