Monday, September 19, 2011

52 round up

I knew this was coming. I had hoped that the DC reboot would stay either “I don’t care,” or really good, like it was lat week , but its here the week DC started to piss me off. I’ll start with the good and hopefully when I get to the actually small things that bugged me I won’t be as mad.

Even though it’s a reboot apparently most of Geoff Johns Green Lantern stuff is still in cannon I say apparently cause I checked out of Green Lantern for the last year so I’m lost. ( I thought the reboot was to avoid things like that) Anyway I brought this up because I find it ridiculously funny that Hal “ I have sex in space” Jordan is so down on his luck that he asks his girlfriend to co-sign the lease for his new car. Also Sinestro’s a GL again and hates it but whatever.

In Batman and Robin we find out Bruce is still a maladjusted man-child and Damian is a big a brat as ever. We get it their both 12. Note this is not a criticism it really made me smile, although I don’t think Bruce being all “my parents are dead but I’m getting over it” was supposed to be a Narmy as it was.

Batwoman #1. My god this book its one of my honorable mentions this week. For the art alone this book deserves all the awards. ALL OF THEM. Every line is gorgeous. Seriously I want to move to whichever state will allow me to marry the art, Massachusetts or Utah or somewhere.  The story was there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about this book. Kate Kane still missing Rene, but putting herself back out there. Kate Training Bette to be her partner. The creepy Weeping Woman villain and I think most of all that she’s territorial with Batman. This book rocks and will be a top read in this reboot.

Ok to the bad this week. Well the first one wasn’t that bad. Suicide Squad #1 was actually good except for one thing. Unexpectedly it wasn’t Harley Quinn’s new Stripper look. The character redesign that just came out of WTF left field was Amanda “the Wall” Waller. In DC’s need to create diversity they seemed to forget that diversity means more than Black people. It’s non-heteronormal people, its people with disabilities, and people of different body types. What possessed DC to change Large and in charge Waller to another cookie cutter impossible body type? I really want to know DC how was changing Amanda Relevant in any way?
This is not

This is Amanda Waller 

Superboy #1. I f you’re a close friend of mine you know the love I hold for Kon-el. In a short a sentence I can say he is my favorite comic book character. I jumped into the DC universe because of this character, so I knew was going to be extra critical about this book. Itried my best not to prejudge it and I think I was successful because my original thought was that it would aspire to be crap. I give Scott Lobdell this he came up with a decent enough plot the problem is he didn’t write a character I give a damn about.  Superboy was boring and despite everything told from his point of view I didn’t connect to him at all. Its actually the opposite problem of the last Superboy series where there were great characters but weak storylines.  Maybe once he has to deal with Titans and he actually makes something of a connection maybe a personality will develop. (that’s how these stories work right robot develops a heart through the powers of FRIENDS!) Damn I’m so disappointed.

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