Thursday, September 22, 2011

Red Hood and the Outlaws

So after Lobdell's weak offering with superboy last week he needs to build up some steam with Red hood and the Outlaws. And he does! Just not in a good way. I am boiling STEAMING mad. what the X'hall Lobdell. Granted the amount of people who care about Jason Todd can be counted on... a finger maybe? But what did you do to Starfire and Roy? Granted Roy's been kinda messed up recently but shouldn't the reboot fix this? No seriously isn't that the point of a reboot get back to basics make things interesting again? What really bothered me about Roy though comes because of Starfire.

I can't express the pure loathing I have for what was done to her.  Lets run down what happened instead of having a sexually liberated character with depth and personality... we get a sexbot. Take a look at this:

Look at theeeeeese

No backs don't bend like this but look at my boobs.

The artist is blatantly objectifying Star here posing her in the most ridiculous ways. There is no logical reason for her to act this way other than to show off the goods. Which wouldn't be a problem if Star was actually taking charge of her sexuality instead of being used in a subplot that is quite obviously a fanfic gone wrong.

Someone out there is going to call me a prude or say that I'm slut shamming. Not true, Starfire has always been a sexual character, that has trouble with the concept of clothing, but this gets skeevy real quick. Take a look at Roys's face after Jason informs him about Kory's apparent problem telling humans apart and "short attention span," which by the way, is the dumbest crap ever, but back to Roy's creep face. Seriously your reaction to an old friend not remembering  her time being a hero with you and your friends is "I'm gonna tap that," Any concern that he does show a page later is thrown out the window as soon as Starfire asks "do you want to have sex with me"

The character assassination of Starfire completes itself however when she says the only thing you [Roy] needs to know about Tamaranean sex is that love has nothing to do with it.


Here let me show you what Starfire thinks about love:

 Yea thats a girl who cares nothing about love. Oh and look she was sexually open too what exactly was wrong with this? It seems to be everything you wanted only not creepy.

Oh and about forgetting her friends and Dick (Dick Grayson the love of her life, pervs) in particular :

Yea I don't buy that either.  Frankly this book confirms what been hinted at last week Scott Lobdell couldn't accurate write, create, or in any way represent a compelling, well rounded, engaging character if one jumped in front of him and "hey write about me"

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  1. Keeping with what you said about "Red Hood and the Outlaws," I'd like to present as backup evidence to your claims. Of course, it doesn't bode well for me picking up "Voodoo" next week. I will say this, though, I'm surprised by the number of minority characters in the new 52 that got their own books...and REALLY surprised that, so far, they've been the best of the bunch.