Friday, September 2, 2011

This weeks honorable mentions

Before I get to the review proper this week let me give out some Honorable mentions first goes to Amazing Spider-Man #688. Dan Slott is continuing to rock his run on spider-man with this event. Basically everyone in Manhattan is developing spider powers and every two-bit street criminal is donning a spider-man costume and causing havoc. Since Peter can't be spider-man at the moment without running the risk of his Avenger teammates knocking him out he puts out the call to his fellow New Yorkers to be heroes and boy do they respond.

The next honorable mention goes to New Mutants #30. Theres no nice way to put this the new mutants have gone to hell. This was a good issue especially for a comic that I resented for existing when it first started. One of the new mutants teammates Danni Moonstar went to Hel (note the one L its important)  to seek the help of the Death Goddess Hela because of stuff happening in another comic. The reason I giving this a good rating is because of Mephisto. 

Seriously I like that he is so Affably Evil (or is that Evilly Affable) instead of a Complete Monster that I laughed every time he was the focus this comic is worth the price of admission. Next up the winner for my top pic this week  Journey to Mystery 626.1

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  1. They thing that gets me about New Mutants is utterly boring it is now, especially considering that the current iteration features so many of my favorite characters - including my beloved Nate Grey. I loved the original line-up - most of whom are or were on the team in the revamp - but it's so uninspiring, and lacks the magic of Claremont's original run (won't even get into the trainwreck that we got post-M-Day). I like the art, and Zeb Wells isn't a bad writer, but overall, the book is, well, MEH.